post-holiday clean up

Post-Holiday Clean Up Guide From a Professional Cleaner

We’re staring down the holidays and with it, the all too dreaded post-holiday clean up… It seems like we all spend so much time looking forward to the holidays and planning the big events, family get-togethers, and various meals – but before we know it the fall out is here and we have to deal … Read more

The Complete Move-in Cleaning Checklist

Moving into a new house is an exciting experience, except for one little detail all new homeowners hate: cleaning their new house. While many people skip this step, it’s always a good idea to clean before you start moving in boxes and furniture to ensure you home is fully clean from whomever lived there before … Read more

places you forget to clean in your home

15 Places You Forget to Clean in Your Home

Have you ever had that moment where you sit down after a long day of cleaning, you are just, finally, starting to relax. Maybe it’s just as you sigh into a comfy chair. And then you see it. RIGHT. THERE. Looking at you. Mocking you. A giant mother of all dust bunnies leering at you … Read more