The Top Bathroom Cleaning Checklist (Complete List)

Bathrooms are one of those places in a house that will completely change its feel. A spotless bathroom will make your whole home feel clean, while a grimey or smelly bathroom will leave your whole home feeling dirty. We’ve all been there – when your bathroom goes maybe a week too long between cleans and you just can’t bear to look at it anymore. Well, our team of professional cleaners are here with their top tips and bathroom cleaning checklist to help you keep your bathroom clean and fresh at all times.

Bathroom Cleaning Supplies

No matter what room of the house you’re cleaning, it’s crucial that you have all the cleaning supplies that you’re going to use before you start cleaning. This will ensure you don’t leave any tasks unfinished or extend your cleaning session unnecessarily – nobody wants to be running around looking for the surface cleaner while halfway through a tough scrubbing session! Here are the items we think you’ll need for cleaning your bathroom to perfection:

  • Toilet brush and bowl cleaner
  • Spray bottle with tub
  • Any of your preferred cleaning products (Green or vinegar-based, for example)
  • All-purpose cleaning spray
  • Glass cleaner
  • Clean rags
  • Sponge
  • Broom/dustpan
  • Rubber gloves
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Vacuum
  • Steam or microfiber mop
  • Ziplock bag 
  • Paper towel

Daily Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

Let’s start your bathroom cleaning checklist with the daily tasks that will help you maintain your bathroom in good condition throughout the week.

Declutter and Wipe Countertops

Grab any toiletries, makeup tools, and accessories that you’ve left on the countertop and put them back where they belong. This simple step will make an instant difference in your bathroom’s appearance; if you have items you usually store on the countertops, move them to the floor temporarily. Once you’ve stored and moved everything, wipe the countertop down with a damp cloth. After the counters have dried, you can replace any items that live on them.

Hang up Towels

Hanging up your wet towel will ensure there are no musty odors in your bathroom.

Ideally, this is a habit you should create as soon as you get out of the shower, rather than dropping them on the floor and having to pick them up later. In the event you’re not in that habit yet, today’s the day you start, after all hanging them now is part of your bathroom cleaning.

Sweep the Floor 

Finally, clean the floor. Grab a broom and sweep the floor to remove the hair, dust, and dirt that accumulates daily. 

Weekly Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

Your weekly bathroom cleaning checklist will include all the daily items we’ve mentioned above. In your weekly cleaning session, you want to go a little deeper and cover a few more areas.

Clean and Disinfect the Toilet

Your toilet is the first thing you must clean weekly. Grab a damp cloth and start by wiping down the lid and tank. Then, apply bowl cleaner and scrub the toilet bowl with a toilet brush. You can throw in a few antacids before scrubbing if you want as the effervescent action will help break up stuck-on gunk or mineral rings when you start cleaning.

Wipe the Sink and Faucets

With a damp cloth, wipe the sink and faucets. For a sustainable option (rather than single-use wipes or paper towels), you can dampen the cloth in water with a few drops of bleach to disinfect the surfaces. If there’s dry toothpaste or grime that you can’t remove with the cloth, grab a sponge, dip it in water with vinegar and scrub the surface.

Clean the Shower or Tub

The shower tends to collect a lot of grime, especially due to the oils on our bodies, in shampoos and conditioners, and the fats contained in soaps. Once a week, grab a damp cloth and wipe down your shower or tub to remove the thin layer of soap scum that’s probably starting to build up.  

Mop the Floor

There’s a high chance you spilled some products and splashed the floor with water while you were cleaning. You can mop just with water or use a perfumed floor cleaner to add an extra touch.

Monthly Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

On your monthly bathroom cleaning checklist, you’ll do all the tasks we’ve already mentioned above and in the same order. But, you’ll add a few steps that will help you maintain the bathroom clean for the long term.  

Clean the Mirror

Ahh, poor mirror. If there’s one thing that’s often forgotten when you’re cleaning, it’s your mirror. Take a few paper towels, spray some glass cleaner on the mirror and wipe it down. You can then use another paper towel or your microfiber cloth to remove the fluff left on the mirror. 

Scrub the Shower and Tub

You should thoroughly clean your shower or tub to remove soap scum. Spray some all-purpose bathroom cleaning on the shower and wipe it off with a sponge. If the scum is too thick, put one cup of baking soda in a bowl and add 1⁄4 cup of distilled white vinegar and use that to remove the scum. 

Wipe Down the Shower Rods and Rings

When was the last time you cleaned the shower rods and rings? Either a long time ago or never. Shower rods and rings collect a lot of dust that might prevent them from moving correctly. Grab a damp cloth and clean each ring to remove the dust.

Wash the Shower Curtain and Liner

Your shower is a breeding ground for mold. The excess moisture and heat that occurs in the bathroom create an ideal habitat for mildew to grow and spread. Your shower curtain is also in constant contact with the water and it can get mold as well. Once a month, throw them into the washing machine. You add ½ to 1 cup of baking soda to your laundry detergent to ensure the mold is completely removed.

Wash Towels and Bathmats

How many times you reuse a towel is up to your habits. However, it’s ideal to schedule a day in the month to wash all your towels – if not more frequently. Your bathmat should also be cleaned at least once a month to remove excess moisture, odor, hair, and dirt.

Clean the Shower Head

Mineral deposits can build up in hard water over time and clog your shower head; there’s nothing worse than that one crazy stream of water flying out a crazy angle because it’s partly blocked by mineral deposits on your shower head.

First, wipe the shower head down with a damp cloth. Second, we have to prepare a solution to remove the mineral buildup. Grab a ziplock bag and fill half of the bag with white vinegar. Then, insert the showerhead into the bag and secure it with a rubber band. If you have a detachable showerhead, remove it, and put it in a bucket with the same solution. In both cases, wait for an hour and remove the showerhead from the solution.

Clean the Drains

Check out your sink and shower drains. If you notice water goes down slowly, it’s probably clogged with hair and dirt. To clean your drains, remove the sink stopper, and use the end of a wire hanger to unclog it. Then, pour half a cup of baking soda into the drain to clean and deodorize it.

Wipe the Window

Finally, don’t forget to clean the bathroom windows. Grab a damp cloth and wipe them down to remove dust and dirt. Then, spray some glass cleaner and use a paper towel to remove the dirt, paying special attention to watermarks. 

And that’s it! With this bathroom cleaning checklist you are now armed with the schedule and the supplies needed to keep your bathroom sparkling clean year-round. But it does take some stick-to-it-ive-ness to really reap the results. Keeping your clean bathroom will require that weekly diligence otherwise the gunk and grime will start to build back up – even with the best bathroom cleaning checklist out there!

But if you need a little help that a bathroom cleaning checklist just doesn’t quite provide, or just want to get back to living your life rather than scrubbing toilets, then reach out and get a quote for your Cleveland house cleaning today.


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