types of cleaning sponges next to a bucket of soapy water

The 9 Types of Cleaning Sponges to Tackle Any Mess

At first glance, cleaning is a simple prospect: you gather the supplies, wipe everything down, and voilá! You have a beautifully clean house forevermore… Sounds like a fairy tale, right? As we all know, keeping your house clean is not a simple – nor singular – task. It’s an ongoing responsibility, or perhaps it feels like … Read more

new years house cleaning resolutions

4 New Years House Cleaning Resolutions to Start 2023 Right

As the new year approaches, many of us are starting to think about our resolutions for the upcoming year. For some, this might mean hitting the gym more often or finally quitting that pesky habit. But for others, the focus might be on getting our homes in order. After all, a clean and organized house … Read more