Creative Ways to Tip Your Housecleaner Hero

10 Creative Ways to Tip Your Housecleaner

Pause and think for a minute about the actual work your house cleaner does. There are the dirty toilets scrubbed, the soap scum – and other gross leftovers – they remove from your bathtubs and showers, the crumb-covered countertops, and let’s not even get started on your microwave and oven. Being a house cleaner can often be gross work – but here at Summit Maids, we refuse to let it be thankless work…

Dusty Bedroom Hero

Why Your Bedroom is Dusty – And How to Tackle It

Ever wondered why your peaceful sanctuary – the bedroom – can also be a haven for dust? This common household nuisance is mainly composed of dead skin cells, fibers from clothing, bedding, and tiny particles from the outside environment. These elements find their way into our bedrooms, transforming the place of rest into a dust hot spot.

house too dirty for a cleaning service?

Is My House Too Dirty For a Cleaning Service?

Home is where the heart is, and maintaining a clean and comfortable space is essential to creating a sanctuary where you can truly unwind and relax. You may be wondering, “is my house too dirty for house cleaning?” The answer is a resounding “no.”  No matter the level of clutter or disarray, professional house cleaning … Read more

how to prepare for a house cleaner in cleveland

How to Prepare for a House Cleaner: 7 Tips

Whether you’ve just booked your first house cleaner ever, or your first cleaner in a while, it’s always good to do a refresher on how to prepare for a house cleaner. After all, there are some nuances to this relationship you’re building that will make it a smoother, faster, and more economical option for everyone.  … Read more