house too dirty for a cleaning service?

Is My House Too Dirty For a Cleaning Service?

Home is where the heart is, and maintaining a clean and comfortable space is essential to creating a sanctuary where you can truly unwind and relax. You may be wondering, “is my house too dirty for house cleaning?” The answer is a resounding “no.”  No matter the level of clutter or disarray, professional house cleaning … Read more

tipping a house cleaner

Tipping a House Cleaner: A Complete Guide (2023)

Hiring a house cleaner – especially the first time – can be an intimidating process. First of all, you’re planning to invite a stranger into your home, to see your personal space at its dirtiest. We typically don’t invite guests over to a dirty home, so bringing in someone you’ve never met can be even more … Read more

what does a house cleaner do

What Does a House Cleaner Do? An Introduction.

House cleaning is one of life’s little luxuries, and here at Summit Maids, we love hearing stories of how this small indulgence brings joy and peace to the lives of our clients. After all, are there many better feelings than seeing your home in its truly clean state? As clients ourselves, we don’t think so. … Read more

mold and mildew strategies in cleveland

Combating Mold and Mildew in Your Cleveland Home

If you’ve lived in Cleveland for any amount of time, or at least through the summer, then you already know how humid it can get in the summers. But while you are out enjoying some time in the sun, you could have quite a mold and mildew problem growing in your home that you won’t … Read more