How to Choose the Best Cleveland House Cleaning Service For You

There are quite a few Cleveland house cleaning companies, but how do you know which one is right for you? And how will you know if they are any good when you are reviewing them? It’s a big deal for many people – letting someone into their home to help them take care of their things.

Hiring a maid service shouldn’t be scary and it shouldn’t be an ordeal to find one that is reliable.  This article will help solve the question of how to choose the right Cleveland house cleaning service for you so that you will know for sure how to spot a good company, what questions to ask them, and what qualities to look for in a good maid service. 

Flat Rate vs Hourly Pricing

Your budget will probably be one of the first things that you have in mind when you’re considering hiring a Cleveland house cleaning service. It makes sense though, doesn’t it? You don’t really know what kind of service you’re going to get, how long they are going to take, or anything else. But you can easily get a sense for what your budget should look like with just a little research on the company’s website. 

Any legitimate Cleveland house cleaning service will be open and transparent with their pricing policies and they will generally fall into two categories: Flat Rate or Hourly pricing models. There are pluses and minuses to both, but just knowing how your potential maid service will be priced is half the battle with some companies.

In general, flat rate companies are great for knowing exactly what you will be paying at the end of the cleaning appointment. There’s no mystery there. But the downside is that they are often very rigid about what they will or won’t clean for that price. So if you wanted baseboards to be cleaned and that isn’t in that company’s standard package, then you will end up either not getting it done or pay more for that to be added on.

On the other hand, an hourly priced maid service will be much more flexible in what is included, but may be a little less clear than a flat rate company on exactly what the final price will be up front. 

For instance, if this type of company quotes you between $X and $XX, but then once they arrive you ask them to also take care of your blinds, they should be able to accommodate that without any problem. It will just add to the time that they are there.

As a rule of thumb, you should estimate that an hourly company will be at your home for between 1-2 hours per bedroom in your home. So if you have a three bedroom house, your cleaning team will likely be there for between 3-6 hours, with the most common time being between 3-4 hours for a good team in a fairly clean home.

For the most transparent companies, they will let you generate a quote online so that you can see exactly what the range might be before ever getting in touch. You can get a free house cleaning quote from our online form here: Free House Cleaning Estimate

What’s Included?

This is another area that a lot of people wonder about and will make all the difference in your happiness with the company that you choose: What is included in a Cleveland house cleaning service?

Many companies will provide a public list of all the tasks that they will perform for each cleaning package that they offer, and you should absolutely review this list closely as it may differ from company to company.

For instance, one company may include dusting blinds in their standard cleaning service, while another company may only offer that in their deep cleaning package. Likewise, some companies will offer to load the dishwasher, while other companies will ask you to do this before the cleaner arrives.

It just depends on what you’re looking for and which service will be right for your needs.

Local Business vs Corporate/Franchise

This one is more of a personal preference that may or may not matter to you. Here at Summit Maids, we are a 100% family owned business that is locally run. That means that we support our local community, we pay all local taxes, and we care about our clients in a deeper way.

For some clients, that really matters to them. For others, they may like the corporate stability and uniformity of a large franchise operator. It’s entirely up to you, but is definitely something that you should ask yourself when it comes to picking your preferred maid service.

Online Quotes and Booking

Many house cleaning companies still operate in the 90’s and require you to call in for an estimate or to book services. Now, a lot of folks still like to book an appointment by phone. But many do not.

If you are in that latter camp, then looking for a modern Cleveland house cleaning service that understands technology and provides an online estimation and booking form will be key. 

This is also a good indication of how tech-savvy a Cleveland house cleaning service is all around. For instance, will they use a time-tracking system to accurately log their hours? Do they have GPS to give you accurate arrival time estimates? Do they have online payment forms? These are the questions to ask when reviewing a potential company’s website.

Transparency and ease of use is something that we really value here at Summit Maids. We believe that you should be able to know exactly what you will be charged before you ever talk to us, and you should be able to book online if you so desire.

Cancellation Policy

This is particularly relevant if your schedule changes frequently or you need to make last minute changes. Some companies have very strict house cleaning cancellation policies, while others are more forgiving. There really isn’t a uniform standard in the industry. Lumped in with this is rescheduling policies. 

Here at Summit Maids, we tie them both together and allow for free cancellations as long as the appointment is rescheduled for another day. We also have a tiered cancellation policy that changes depending on how far out you are from your scheduled appointment.

Make sure to check with your provider before agreeing to anything so that you know what your options are if anything comes up.

A great house cleaning service will make you feel totally comfortable when they are working in your home, show up on time, and be extra communicative to make sure that they hit all the points that matter to you before they leave.

Hiring a house cleaning service in Cleveland should be a wonderful experience that takes a load off your mind, not adds to your stress. 

Doing a little extra research up front to make sure that the company you choose fits your lifestyle and preferred way of doing business will go a long way to helping you enjoy your experience and relax when your cleaning appointment comes around.

If you’d like to see how things work here at Summit Maids, head over to our booking page and give it a try. Or, if you prefer the phones, you can give us a call at 216-877-8835 and we’ll be happy to talk with you about how we can help you out.


  • Jacob W. Bailey

    Jacob is the Cleveland-based founder and CEO of Summit Maids, a local cleaning company with a mission to make a mark on its community by providing good jobs to more than 1,000 people. Bailey Jacob W.