How to Clean a Sheepskin Rug: 5 Quick Tips to Care for Your Sheepskin

Whether you’ve long loved the style or saw it on social media and knew it would fit your decor, sheepskin rugs are so in right now. They definitely add a certain feeling to any room, whether you use them on the floor or throw them over the back of a chair or sofa. As they are so unique in how they look and feel, you can probably also guess that keeping your sheepskin rug clean is also a different process than for other rugs.

Let’s be honest: those long, luxurious strands of fur have trapped enough dust and dirt, and it’s time to revitalize and clean this part of your home decor. In this post, we’re covering everything you need to know to clean a sheepskin rug – how it can be done, specific steps to take, and how to get it back to its dry, fluffy state afterward. 

Common Questions about Cleaning a Sheepskin Rug

Before we dive into all the details regarding how to clean a sheepskin rug, we’ll clear out the most common doubts people have when they have to wash their sheepskin rug. 

Is Sheepskin Washable?

Let’s address the number one doubt, is sheepskin washable? Yes, sheepskin can be washed. Nonetheless, it isn’t necessary. More often than not, a good shake or a vacuum session and a little extra attention to stubborn stains will help you keep your sheepskin rug looking neat.  In a few words, washing it should be part of a thorough cleaning session. 

Can I Tumble-Dry a Sheepskin Rug?

This is a tricky one. You’ll see a lot of people advising you to avoid tumble-drying sheepskin rugs like it’s the plague. Others say that it won’t cause any damage. And others say that you can tumble dry your sheepskin on a low heat setting only. But, the truth is that it depends on the company that makes them and what materials it is actually made of. Obviously natural sheepskin can’t be dried, but if your rug is made of artificial materials you might be able to get away with it! Always look for the product care instructions on the rug’s label. This is the best way to ensure you’re caring for sheepskin the right way.

Can I Use a Heater to Dry Sheepskin?

This one doesn’t leave room for doubt: no, you can’t use a heater to dry sheepskin. In fact, you should keep your sheepskin away from direct heat, including sunlight. The heat can cause the leather and shrink or harden, or even worse, the fibers become tangled.

How to Clean a Sheepskin Rug at Home

It may come a time when your sheepskin rug desperately needs a thorough cleaning session. In that case, here’s a guide that’ll teach you how to clean a sheepskin rug so that it looks like the day you brought it home.

1. Shake the Rug 

First, go outside or somewhere ventilated and energetically shake the rug. Shaking the rug will remove loose dirt and grit.

2. Brush Matted Sections

Use a wire wool comb or a dog comb to brush the fibers to untangle matted fibers and to restore the fluffy appearance. A little tip, there’s no need to brush short wool rugs, whereas brushing makes a significant difference on long wool sheepskin rugs.

3. Vacuum the Rug

Shaking was good to remove loose debris and dust. Vacuuming will get rid of the dirt that’s entangled in the wool fibers. Remember to use plain suction only.

4. Remove Stains

It’s inevitable: no matter how much we care for our carpets, we may spill some wine or our beloved furry friend may have come excited from a walk in the park and stepped on the rug with muddy paws. Take a look below to learn the best way to remove common stains from sheepskin rugs. 

  • For oily stains: First, sprinkle the stain with baking soda or cornstarch to absorb the oil. Let it rest for a couple of hours and then brush or vacuum away.
  • For food or mud stains: Prepare a solution mixing wool wash and warm water. Dip a white cloth in the solution, and blot the stained area. When you’ve removed the stain, blot the area with a cloth dipped in plain water to remove any soapy residue.

5. Wash the Sheepskin Rug

Now that you’ve learned it’s safe to wash your rug, you may be wondering how to wash sheepskin rug. Below you’ll find all the steps you should follow to wash your rug and leave just like when you bought it. 

  • Step 1: Identify a Place to Wash – The safest method for cleaning a white sheepskin rug is hand washing. So First of all, find a place to wash your rug. It can be the tub or the laundry sink, it all depends on the size of your rug.
  • Step 2: Fill Basin with Water and Detergent – Now that you’ve found a comfortable place, fill it with lukewarm water and add the wool wash. Ideally, find a wool wash that’s infused with lanolin and free from enzymes that could cause damage to the fibers.
  • Step 3: Submerge and Soak the Rug – Submerge the rug in the washing solution and soak until every fiber is wet. Leave the rug in the water for about 10 minutes.
  • Step 4: Rinse the Rug – Without removing the rug, drain the tub and refill it with fresh cool water. You’ll have to squeeze the fresh water through the fibers so it removes the soapy residue. Repeat this process until no more suds appear in the water. Once you’ve moved all the suds, gently squeeze the excess water from the rug.
  • Step 5: Air Dry the Rug – In this guide to learning how to clean a sheepskin rug, we advised you to findyour rug’s label and checked the method it tolerates for drying. However, the last thing you want is to spoil your gorgeous sheepskin. That’s why we suggest you let it air dry. It may take longer, yes, but you ensure you won’t damage your rug. Find a surface, spread a towel, and lay your rug over it. Make sure the rug is laying wool side up.

Now you know all the steps to get your sheepskin rug clean, fluffy, and looking great wherever you have it in your home. If you’re looking for help getting other parts of your home back to that same clean and pristine state, reach out below!


  • Jacob W. Bailey

    Jacob is the Cleveland-based founder and CEO of Summit Maids, a local cleaning company with a mission to make a mark on its community by providing good jobs to more than 1,000 people.