How to Completely Clean Your Bathroom in 15 Minutes

On the list of Rooms in Your Home You Really Don’t Want to Clean, it’s probably safe to guess that the bathroom is at or near the top. It’s definitely one of the most-used rooms, right? And it’s one of the rooms where the least clean activities happen. Even looking past the toilet, there’s toothbrushing, hair brushing, showering/bathing and more that happens in your bathroom…. that’s a lot of bodily stuff happening in one room!

For this reason, it’s no surprise that A) our bathrooms get dirty – I mean really dirty – fast, and B) we hate cleaning them. Finding a quick and reasonable system to keep this high-traffic room tidy is essential, especially if you’re trying to manage your whole house or preparing for special occasions or holiday guests.

To help, here’s a new installment in our ongoing series: this is a guide for how to clean your bathroom in 15 minutes. Yep – in just a quarter of an hour, you can get your bathroom from nasty to neat, from creepy to clean, from offensive to orderly – you get the idea. Grab your cleaning tools, and let’s get to it.

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Set The Timer

Before you do anything else, you’ll set the timer. Having a specific time constraint will help you stay focused and not waste any second. So, grab your iPhone, set the timer, and let the countdown begin! Ready, set, go!

The First Five Minutes: Declutter

The first five minutes you’ll spend cleaning your bathroom are devoted to decluttering. Visually cleaning a room always makes an instant difference. It also makes it easier to spot dirty places!

Step 1. Remove All Dirty Clothes & Towels

As the timer starts ticking, let’s tackle the first hurdle. Grab a laundry basket and gather all those abandoned clothes and towels. Always remember that a clutter-free bathroom starts with a clean slate.

Step 2. Shake Out & Set Aside Rugs

Now, let’s show some love to those overlooked bathroom rugs. Give them a good shake outside to banish the dust bunnies and set them aside for a mini spa treatment later. There’s a chance your rugs haven’t been washed in a long time. If that’s the case, set them aside and give them some extra TLC later. 

Step 3. Spray & Clean the Toilet

Cleaning the toilet is a tricky business and you can spend a lot of time trying to get it looking good. However, remember you want to clean your bathroom in 15 minutes, so try to clean it without giving your toilet special treatment. Just grab your favorite bathroom cleaner, give the toilet a quick spray, and wipe away the woes of the day. 

The Middle Five Minutes: Purge

Clean Your Bathroom in 15 Minutes - Sink

The middle five minutes are all about removing stains and disinfecting. So grab a cloth and let’s start wiping! 

Step 4. Spray & Rinse the Shower

Shift your focus to the shower. A quick spritz with a shower cleaner, a rinse, and voilà – try to remove as much soap scum as possible. But again, don’t let cleaning the shower consume all your time!

Step 5. Sanitize the Sink & Counters

Move on to the sink and counters. Just a speedy wipe with an all-purpose cleaner will be enough to make a difference in your bathroom.

The Last Five Minutes: Organize

Clean Your Bathroom in 15 Minutes - Mirror

In the last five minutes of your 15-minute bathroom cleaning process, you’ll focus on organizing the room and taking care of the final touches.  

Step 6. Change Towels & Replace Rugs

Even if you don’t do a deep bathroom cleaning, you want to swap out the old towels for clean, fluffy ones. Few things feel as good as clean towels against your hands!

Step 7. Quickly Wet/Dry Mop the Floors

The finishing touch – the floors. As we always, say, you need to follow the top-to-bottom rule.  Give your floor a quick once-over with a wet/dry mop and your bathroom is ready to be used. 

Want a little help tidying up the rest of your house after you clean your bathroom in 15 minutes – or just want someone to tackle the whole thing? Let our Cleveland house cleaners give you a hand.


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    • Thank you so much, Deborah! Our house cleaners work so hard to get compliments like this, it’s always such a great feeling knowing that we helped you out!


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