How to Clean Your Living Room in 15 Minutes – Yes, It’s Possible!

Your living room is where life happens, stories are shared, and Netflix marathons unfold. But in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, this central hub can quickly transform from a cozy sanctuary to a chaotic clutter haven.

Fear not, for maintaining your living room’s cleanliness doesn’t need to be an all-day affair – even if you haven’t cleaned it in a while. Believe it or not, a fresh, tidy space (or at least a tidier one) is just 15 minutes away! With the right strategy and a sprinkle of determination, you can give your living room the quick, effective spruce-up it deserves.

Grab your timer, and let’s turn that quarter of an hour into your living room’s saving grace; here’s how to clean your living room in 15 minutes.

Set the Timer 

Before we dive into the steps you’ll follow to clean your living room in 15 minutes, we need to handle the most important thing: a timer! 

You’ll work in thirds. So, set the timer on your phone for five minutes. Now that you have the time issue handled, grab your headphones or a speaker and put on your favorite Spotify playlist. There are a few things like upbeat tunes to motivate us to get through an express cleaning session.

The First Five Minutes: Declutter

Clean Your Living Room in 15 Minutes 3

The first five minutes of your 15-minute living room cleaning are focused on decluttering. This means you’ll get rid of all the unnecessary items scattered around the living room.

Step 1. Clear Away Clutter

Grab a basket or a container and put all items that do not belong in the living room there. Don’t get distracted putting the random items where they belong; just remove them from the living room.

Step 2. Brush Off the Couch and Fluff the Pillows 

Next, move on to the couch. Remove the cushions and brush up to the couch using an upholstery brush – make sure you brush from the interior of the couch onto the floor. Then, grab the pillows one by one, fluff them, and put them back.

The Middle Five Minutes: Purge

Living rooms are one of the rooms of the house with the most furniture. That’s why you’ll devote the middle five minutes of this 15-minute living room cleaning session to removing all the dust from every corner of the room. Ready? Let’s go!

Step 3. Dust Surfaces 

When dusting, always remember to follow the top-to-bottom rule. Start with the bookshelves, then move on to the TV unit, and finally, the coffee table and arrange its contents properly.

The Last Five Minutes: Organize

Clean Your Living Room in 15 Minutes 2

The last five minutes of this 15-minute living room cleaning guide will focus on organizing the space so it looks visually neat. 

Step 4: Stack the Stuff

Most living rooms have coffee tables with books and CDs. As soon as you finish dusting the surfaces, neatly stack their contents. Again, don’t get caught up organizing your books alphabetically or seeing the CDs are in the correct case. Yes, to clean your living room in 15 minutes, you need to focus on efficiency! 

Step 5.  Vacuum it Up

Remember we talked about the top-to-bottom rule? Well, now you’ll tackle the floor and rugs. Running the vacuum through the room is the best way to collect dirt and dust from the floor and hidden nooks. For better results, use the right attachment depending on the surface you’re vacuuming.

Want a little help tidying up the rest of your house after you clean your living room in 15 minutes? Let our Cleveland house cleaners give you a hand.


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