General FAQs

When are you open?

Summit Maids is open for house cleaning services in the Cleveland, Ohio Area from 8am to 8pm Eastern Time, Monday through Friday. We are closed on Weekends, Federal holidays, and voting day so that our hard working house cleaners can enjoy the day and recharge with their friends and family to better serve you on your next booking. If you have a special request, please contact us and we may be able to make an exception if any team members are available. Weekends are sometimes available by appointment.

Do you service my area?

Summit Maids is a professional maid & residential house cleaning service. We serve the entire greater Cleveland, OH region to help you go from zero to a clean home without lifting a finger. We happily cover the entire metro area we are in without charging any additional travel time.

What types of dwellings do you clean?

Any residential dwelling unit is within our powers to make spotless. From studio apartments to large homes, or even entire college dormitories and apartment buildings – we can handle it. That said, we are not commercial cleaners and do not take on office buildings or other commercial properties.

Are the cleaners screened?

You bet they are! We want every Summit Maid client to feel safe and secure with the cleaners we send into your home. Before any potential new team member is hired, they are put through a thorough screening process to determine their skills, do a full criminal background check, a face-to-face interview and trial cleaning with one of our most discerning customers, and require them to sign a code of conduct for how they will behave while at your home. 

Furthermore, each house cleaner is required to have multiple years of experience with verifiable references before they are even considered as a candidate. Finally, both Summit Maids and each and every individual cleaner are fully insured to ensure that, should the worst happen, you will be taken care of (But we promise that we’ll do everything we can to avoid that scenario!).

Does someone have to visit my house before I can book a cleaning?

Not at all! We will happily accept your booking by phone or online and schedule your house cleaner or team based on the information that you provide for us. Now, should the state of your home be very different from what the initial booking states, we may need to adjust your residential cleaning services or reschedule your house cleaning for another day to make sure that you get the best service possible and we leave your home spotless. If you aren’t sure about what services you need, please reach out and we’ll be happy to help.

What should I expect the process to be like?

When your Summit maid arrives, they will either knock on the door or gain access to your home per your provided instructions if you are not going to be there. At that point, they will do a complete walkthrough of your home to assess the current condition of things as well as note any areas of concern.

During this walkthrough, they may take some photos to document the ‘before’ condition of any problem areas – but don’t worry, these will never be shared with anyone and are only temporarily stored on our company servers. 

If you are present, they will also ask you if there are any important areas that you would like addressed while they are there; as well as some basic logistical questions, such as where the trash is located or where to place soiled laundry. From here, they will begin cleaning your home according to your scheduled service using detailed checklists that we provide. 

While the cleaning is going on, they will move from room to room, tidying and cleaning your home as if it were their own. They may go out to their vehicle to retrieve additional supplies, take out the trash, or otherwise enter and exit your home a few times. While cleaning, your maid may listen to music or podcasts to help the time pass – but don’t worry, they are still being just as attentive as ever! 

Finally, when the job is complete, your house cleaner will do a final walkthrough of your home to make sure that they didn’t miss anything, that your home is spotless, and to collect any last supplies they may have brought into the house. They may also take a few ‘after’ photos to document their work or note any problems that may have arisen to add to your customer file.

Once complete, they will lock up and leave the property spick and span and dirt-free. They will log their time and services completed, then head off to their next appointment.

Following your cleaning appointment, you will receive an email from us asking you about how happy you were with your cleaner. This is a very important email for our cleaners as they earn bonuses based on your response, so please don’t ignore it!

How many cleaners do you send?

It just depends on the size of the job. For most cleanings, we will send either a one person residential house cleaning team to ensure that your home is cleaned in a timely manner, while not skimping on quality.

For larger jobs, we may send a team to be more cost effective for you and respect your time. In the event that we need to send a team, this may affect your final price so please be sure to contact us before booking a larger job.

Will the same cleaner or maid show up for all my cleanings?

If you have a particular individual or team that you would like to handle all your recurring cleans, you are more than welcome to request this person on the checkout page of your booking. You can also reach out to us at: and we’ll be happy to make this note on your account.

That said, from time to time, your requested cleaner may not be available and we may need to send someone else in their place. But we promise that they’ll be just as awesome as your usual cleaner.

Are you insured?

You bet. We’re a truly professional residential home cleaning operation that takes pride in our level of service in the Cleveland area. We want to be proud of someone recognizing us on the street and in our community. This means that, in addition to all the screening that we put our cleaners through, we also carry full liability insurance to ensure that should an accident happen during the course of a cleaning, everyone will be taken care of. We also require each of our cleaners to carry liability insurance themselves, just to be sure.

Will my cleaner arrive at the exact time I schedule my house cleaning for?

We typically allow for a one-hour window from the time your cleaning is scheduled to begin to allow for traffic or other unforeseen circumstances that may delay your cleaner. Our scheduling system will notify you when your cleaner is on their way as soon as they have finished their previous appointment.

If, for some reason, your cleaner has not arrived within the hour and has not contacted you to notify you of a delay, please contact us and we’ll sort out the issue to reschedule your service or otherwise make you whole by way of our no-call/no-show policy.

Are you a pet friendly maid service?

We love our furry family members. Just be sure to let us know about your pets and how to best interact with them (Do they like attention? Will they be locked in a particular room? etc.) on the booking page so that we know what to expect when arriving. (Please note that excessive pet hair removal beyond a regular vacuuming is a separate service from the standard cleaning service. Also, please see our Services page for a list of things that we do not handle, including animal waste of any kind.)

Who do I contact if I have any issues or questions?

Drop by our contact page and let us know what’s on your mind.

What happens if something goes wrong during my cleaning?

We certainly hope that your house cleaning service goes smoothly, but we also understand that our team is human and things happen from time to time. In the event that you’re unhappy with your service or an accident happens, please get in touch with us and we’ll do everything we can to make it right by you.

Can I schedule a same-day cleaning?

We book our cleaners out a couple days in advance so that they can plan their schedules accordingly. This means that we usually cannot accommodate same-day bookings. That said, you are always welcome to reach out to us and inquire about any last-minute availability and we’ll be happy to help you out if so.

Do I have to be home for my house cleaning service?

No! We take pride in making our client’s life easier, which includes freeing you up to go about your life while we take care of the home cleaning. If you won’t be around for your residential house cleaning, please make a note on the booking form (or get in touch) of how we should gain access to your home (door code, key in mailbox, etc). Don’t forget to let us know about any security systems you may have while you’re at it!

How often should Summit Maids clean my home?

Most of our customers differ in their individual needs, so it is difficult to provide specific guidance without knowing more about your home. Typically, our customers schedule an initial deep cleaning of their home followed by a recurring general cleaning appointment on a weekly, bi-weekly, or every four weekly schedule to maintain their new level of cleanliness. By following this model, you can rest assured that your home is always clean and in top shape, whatever life throws your way.