Home Office Cleaning Checklist: Increase Your Productivity in a Clean Workspace

Tidy desk, tidy mind, so the saying goes. Maintaining a clean and organized home office is integral to your productivity, focus, and overall work satisfaction. However, amidst deadlines and Zoom meetings, it’s easy for your office to devolve into a chaotic mess.

Fret not, for help is at hand! With a methodical approach and our handy home office cleaning checklist, you can transform your workspace from cluttered chaos to serene study in no time. Below you’ll find three home office cleaning checklists: one for daily tidying, one for weekly organization, and one for monthly deep cleaning to keep your space clean and your mind productive.

Let’s roll up our sleeves and conquer that clutter, dust off the desks, and bring back a productive mindset to your home office!

Home Office Cleaning Supplies

More often than not, most of us who work from home just grab a cloth and a broom, go to our home office, and try to finish the cleaning as soon as possible. But, as much as we understand how you just want to get it over with, you must take the time to get the tools and products you need before you start cleaning. Below you’ll find a list of the supplies that’ll help you clean more efficiently and better. 

  • All-purpose cleaning solution
  • Window cleaner
  • Microfiber cleaning cloths
  • Duster
  • Trash bags
  • Vacuum
  • Broom and dustpan
  • Water and bucket
  • Squeegee
  • Disinfecting wipes
  • Paper towels 

Once you have these items collected, you can dive into one part of this home office cleaning checklist, depending on how deeply (and how often) you want to clean your home office.

Daily Home Office Cleaning Checklist 

Our daily home office cleaning checklist is short and sweet. It has four tasks that will help you maintain a clean and organized workspace, so you can stay focused and easily locate important documents and supplies.

Clear the clutter

This will make all the difference on a day-to-day basis: decluttering! Start your cleaning session by tidying up your workspace. Put away stray items, like coffee mugs, coasters, and cereal bowls. Also, remove all the things you don’t need for immediate work. For example, you may have needed a stapler at a given moment, but it’s not something you use regularly. 

Clean your work desk

Now let’s move on to the desk. You don’t have to remove everything; simply grab a microfiber cloth and wipe down your desk surface. This will help remove dust, fingerprints, and any spills.

Empty trash bins & replace trash bags

How often you empty your trash bin will depend on how much waste you produce during work. Anyway, regularly emptying your trash bins prevents unpleasant odors and maintains a clean environment. Replace trash bags as necessary.

Sweep the floor 

Get a broom and give your home office a quick sweep to remove any dirt or debris. This will keep your office looking tidy and prevent dust from accumulating.

Weekly Home Office Cleaning Checklist 

The weekly home office cleaning checklist is a bit more comprehensive. You’ll do all the chores from the daily checklist, but also pay more attention to details, like electronic appliances and pieces of furniture. But enough talking, let’s get to work! 

Dust the computer

Using a microfiber cloth, gently wipe down your computer monitor, keyboard, and other electronic devices. This helps maintain their performance and prevents dust buildup.

Dust the surfaces of filing cabinets, tables & other furnishings

Start by removing any items or papers from the surfaces to ensure nothing hinders your cleaning. Then, using a duster wipe down the surfaces of your furniture and inside filing cabinets. Always pay attention to corners, edges, and any intricate details, and remember to work from the top down to prevent dust from falling onto already cleaned areas.

Clean the bookshelves

While ebooks are hugely popular, there’s no way to compare them to the magic of having a printed book. But these are huge dust magnets! So, remove books and other items from the shelves and dust them thoroughly. This is also an opportunity to reorganize them and give the room a new look.

Disinfect remote control & telephones

Our phones and remote controls are among the filthiest items in our house. So, disinfecting them at least once a week is a good (and safe) idea. Use a disinfecting wipe or a mild cleaning solution and gently clean remote controls, phones, and other frequently touched surfaces. You’ll eliminate germs and ensure your workspace stays hygienic.

Vacuum floor & carpets 

Vacuuming is the ultimate method to keep your home office dust-free. Confine yourself to vacuuming the floor and carpets or rugs as you’ll pay attention to hard-to-reach areas and under furniture in the monthly routine. 

Monthly Home Office Cleaning Checklist 

Make sure you have set enough time apart as the monthly home office checklist is a long one. You’ll be covering all the tasks from the daily and weekly checklists, plus a couple more chores that will leave your office looking like a professional house cleaner just came in. 

Organize & declutter office drawers

Office drawers are usually the messiest part of your home office. Whenever we’re in a rush, we just throw in whatever is on the desk and leave it there. So, take your time, sort through your drawers, and remove any unnecessary items. Then, file important documents and discard or shred anything that you no longer need. 

Do the light fixtures

Grab a microfiber cloth and dampen it in warm water. Then wipe down light fixtures, including desk lamps and overhead lights. Globe and covers tend to have a thick layer of grime, so gently rub it and then rinse with fresh water.

Polish any wooden furniture & hardwood surfaces

Time for the small details. Use a furniture polish or wood cleaner to restore the shine of your wooden furniture and hardwood surfaces. It will make a huge difference in your workspace.

Clean the curtains or blinds

If you have curtains, remove them and shake them outside to remove dust. Most curtains can handle a gentle washing machine cycle. The best way to be sure is to read the washing instructions. If there aren’t any, just hand wash them in cold water. Blinds require a bit more work. You’ll have to mix a few drops of dish soap with hot water, dampen a sponge, and wipe down each slat from top to bottom. Then reverse the slats and repeat.

Wash the windows

Using a squeeze – some people prefer using newspaper – clean the windows inside and out. You can also use a cloth but make sure it’s lint-free so you don’t end up with any streaks.

Vacuum behind electronics & under furniture 

Last but not least, vacuum the areas that are often overlooked. Move your electronics and furniture to clean to remove accumulated dust and dirt. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of moving the furniture around, purchase an under-appliance vacuum attachment to simplify the work. 

If you’d like a hand getting your home office under control so that you can implement a home office cleaning checklist like this one, give us a call! Our Cleveland house cleaners will be happy to lend a hand and get your home office organized in no time at all.


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