Five Tips to Keep Your House Clean Longer Between Cleans

Whether you clean your home yourself or you hire a Cleveland house cleaning service, one of the worst feelings is when you just finish up making your home clean… and then someone walks in with dirty shoes and you have to start all over again. We definitely understand that feeling.

As professional cleaners, we see this day in and day out. While we can’t magically stop people from getting your house dirty, we can help you with five tips for keeping your house clean longer between cleans.

Get Your Family Onboard

One of the easiest ways for keeping your house clean longer between cleans is to talk with your family or housemates about how they can help. Sometimes people just don’t realize the impact they have on you when they don’t clean up after themselves.

Having a frank conversation with them about how hard you work on cleaning your home and how they can help keep things clutter-free can go a long way to extending that fresh and clean feeling of having just finished cleaning.

“You can work as hard as you can on maintaining a clutter free home, but if your family is not on board, it will be very challenging. You can talk with your family about the benefits of a clutter free home. More than likely, they will see the benefits of less clutter when they realize it takes less time to clean up the house!”

Jaclyn, Coffee Pancakes and Dreams 

Wipe Down Tiles & Glass After Showering

This is one of the tried and true methods for keeping your house clean longer between cleans. And probably one of the easiest to implement in your daily routine! With this method you can either go the simple route or the slightly less simple route.

The simplest way is to just keep a squeegee in your shower and use it to remove excess water from tiles and glass when you are done showering. That’s it, it’s that simple.

The slightly less simple route is to also use a cleaning product when you squeegee. Simply spray down the tile and glass before squeegeeing for an even more effective removal of grime. Doing this will help prevent water spots and grime from accumulating on your tiles and glass and significantly extend the clean feeling in between cleanings.

Door Mats at Every Door

This might seem too easy, but we promise that it makes a huge difference in keeping your house clean longer between cleans. It’s also one of the most overlooked tricks! Adding a good, thick, doormat to each entryway will help to catch a lot of the dirt that gets tracked in on our shoes, and collect it in one easy to clean location before the dirt gets tracked everywhere.

Obviously, this works best when your family or housemates actually use the door mat to wipe their feet. But even if they don’t, just walking across it will help to catch some of the dirt before it gets inside. Getting a good oversize mat will increase your chances of catching all the dirt and preventing your family from just stepping right over it.

Clorox Wipe Your Sinks (Or alternative)

This is one that my wife and I learned by accident, and one that will go a long way to helping your sink feel clean and fresh. Each evening, before going to bed, we wipe down our sink and counters with a Clorox wipe (lemon scent!) to help sanitize our kitchen. What we didn’t expect was that it also cuts through a lot of the gunk that builds up in the sink.

Adding this to our evening routine has helped a lot for keeping our kitchen feeling clean every morning when we wake up – even when it’s been a while since we had a house cleaning service come through.

Obviously this requires that you’re ok with chemicals, but even if you aren’t you can still do this with a 50/50 denatured alcohol and water mix for a completely pet and kid safe alternative.

Spray Showers & Toilets With Mr Clean

This was another accidental discovery for keeping your house clean longer between cleans. And it’s pretty darn simple to implement for even the busiest people. Simply spray the corners of your shower after it is done being used for the day with Mr Clean all purpose cleaner, and spray your toilet once a day.

This will significantly reduce the bacteria and mold/mildew that grows in these locations. This not only will help your bathroom smell fresher longer, it will also keep these areas looking much cleaner for much longer! Obviously, this is another one that requires you to be ok with chemicals, but if you aren’t you can make your own pet and kid-safe cleaner with diluted vinegar and water.


That fresh and clean feeling right after your house is done being cleaned is special. It’s like a big sigh of relief when you walk into a room that just feels clean. Whether you do all your house cleaning yourself or you hire the best house cleaning in Cleveland, using the tips that we laid out above will go a long way to keeping your house clean longer between cleans.

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