9 Places You Forget to Clean in Your Bedroom

The bedroom is a personal oasis, a realm of dreams, and the keeper of our secrets. While it’s the place where we retreat for rest and relaxation, there’s no denying that some of its corners remain untouched by our regular cleaning routines.

We might perfect our bed-making technique or routinely clear out our wardrobe, but what about those clandestine spots that stealthily collect dust and memories? From that one drawer we’re all hesitant to open, to the flip side of our headboards, our bedrooms harbor little forgotten lands, secretly pleading for a spot of tidying; there are some surprising places you forget to clean in your bedroom and it’s time to tackle them.

Let’s embark on a cleaning expedition, navigating the uncharted territories of our bedrooms, and uncover the areas often lost in the shuffle of sheets and pillows. Ready to dust off these spots and rejuvenate your personal retreat?


Pillows are cozy havens for rest, but they are awfully neglected. No, we’re not talking about the covers – which most of us change every week – we’re talking about the actual pillow. Over time, pillows can be a breeding ground for dust and dust mites, fungi, sweat and drool, and natural oils from your body. 


Sticking to the bed area, your mattress is also one of the places you forget to clean in your bedroom. You spend a significant portion of your life, yet it’s often ignored during cleaning routines. Mainly, because people think that cleaning a stress takes a lot of effort. But, the reality is that it isn’t too difficult and you can do it with basic cleaning tools

Closet Floor

The closet floor is typically out of sight, especially in walk-in closets or those with sliding doors. When we don’t see a space daily, it’s easy to forget about it.

Also, sometimes, closets are packed with belongings, making it difficult to access the floor. This can discourage people from attempting to clean it regularly.

Under the Bed

Places You Forget to Clean in Your Bedroom - Ceiling Fan

The space under your bed is a magnet for dust and lost belongings. Cleaning the entire home can be time-consuming, and under-the-bed cleaning might not be perceived as a high-priority task, especially when there are other visible areas that require immediate attention.

​​On Top of the Wardrobe

Again, the top of your wardrobe is one of the places you forget to clean in your bedroom because you don’t see it.

The top of the wardrobe is not in the line of sight for most people, so it’s easy to forget about it. We tend to prioritize cleaning areas that we see and use daily. Also, since the top of the wardrobe is not a functional space, people may assume that it doesn’t get dirty or accumulate dust and debris.


We often clean the exterior of our dressers and nightstands but forget about the inside. The main reason is that people may not realize how quickly drawers can accumulate dust, lint, and debris. Without this awareness, they may not consider cleaning them regularly.


Doorframes accumulate dust and grime, and their crevices can harbor allergens. But, since we interact with doorframes less frequently than other parts of the room, such as doorknobs, we barely include them in our cleaning routines.

Ceiling Fans

Places You Forget to Clean in Your Bedroom - Floor

Ceiling fans are notorious dust magnets, especially if they are not frequently used. The truth is that they’re not so much one of the places you forget to clean in your bedroom as one of the items you love to postpone.

Cleaning ceiling fans is a more challenging and potentially dangerous task, especially if you need a ladder to reach them. This discourages people from including ceiling fans in their regular cleaning routine. 

Window Shades/Curtains

It’s no surprise that window treatments, whether shades, curtains, or blinds, are forgotten in most cleaning sessions. Mainly because cleaning curtains or shades is a more complex and time-consuming task – they require removal, washing, or dry cleaning.

Also, there are no daily visual cues or reminders, like dirty dishes in the sink, to prompt us to clean them regularly.

Hopefully, with this list of places you forget to clean in your bedroom, you’ll never have your relaxation interrupted by a terrifying drawer jam-packed with stuff or a cloud of dust launching off your ceiling fan. But just in case you do, Summit Maids is here to help. Our team of cleaning services in Cleveland, OH is ready and waiting to lend a hand.


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