7 Places You Forget to Clean in Your Home Office

Ever had that niggling feeling that your home office cleanup might have missed a spot or two? You’re not alone! Amid the hustle of deadlines and digital meetings, there are sneaky corners and overlooked nooks that often evade our cleaning radar. While your workspace might look spick-and-span at a glance, it’s those often-forgotten areas that can secretly harbor dust and clutter.

But fret not! With a sprinkle of vigilance and a dash of elbow grease, you can ensure your office shines not just on the surface, but in every hidden crevice – if you know where to clean. Below you’ll find a list of the places you might forget to clean in your home office, so they can add them to your never-ending to-do list… sorry about adding extra work to your plate!

1. Computer Keyboard

Your computer keyboard is for sure one of the places you forget to clean in your home office – and it’s definitely one of the dirtiest!

It tends to accumulate dust due to its constant usage and the tiny gaps between the keys that excel at trapping dust. As we type away, our fingers transfer oils, skin cells, and other particles onto the keyboard’s surface, providing the perfect breeding ground for dust to settle.

2. Drawers

Drawers, whether in a desk or a filing cabinet, collect dust because they’re often used to store items that aren’t regularly accessed. The infrequent opening and closing of drawers allow dust to settle over time. This hidden space is often forgotten during cleaning routines, leading to a buildup of dirt and particles within the drawers.

3. Desk Organizer

If you have one, your desk organizer – designed to hold pens, papers, and office supplies – can also end up holding a fair amount of dust and debris due to the nature of its contents. As we place and remove the items, particles are stirred up and settle on the organizer’s surfaces.

The varied compartments and corners of the organizer are also challenging to clean thoroughly, causing it to be neglected during cleaning sessions.

4. Office Chair

Office chairs deserve a special mention when talking about the places you forget to clean in your home office. We all know how important a good chair is in a home office. Ironically, we basically forget it exists when the cleaning time comes.

Chairs gather dust due to their constant use and exposure to skin flakes, fabric fibers, and other particles that naturally shed from our bodies and clothing. As we sit down, the act of settling onto the chair displaces these particles, causing them to settle onto the fabric or upholstery.

5. Furniture Shelves

Furniture shelves, whether used as bookshelves or display units, collect dust easily due to their open nature. Oh, and the books, objects, and decorations placed on these shelves also can stir up dust and contribute to its accumulation.

If they’re placed high, it can make them easy to overlook during cleaning routines, allowing dust to build up over time.

6. Light Fixtures

Light fixtures attract dust because they are elevated and typically positioned near the ceiling. As air circulates, dust particles are drawn toward the fixtures and settle on their surfaces. The inconvenience of reaching high places often leads to these fixtures being forgotten during cleaning efforts.

7. Windows & Shades

It’s no surprise that windows and their shades are places you forget to clean in your home office. We overlook them in every room of the house. These items are super dusty because they accumulate dust from the outside environment and indoor activities.

Outdoor air carries particles that adhere to the windowpanes, while indoor activities generate airborne particles that settle on the windows and shades. Another thing that contributes to their dustiness is the need for specific cleaning tools, which makes these areas easy to neglect during cleaning routines.

Hopefully, with this list of places you forget to clean in your home office, you can tackle them and end up with a sparkling workspace. But just in case you don’t want to do it yourself, Summit Maids is here to help. Our team of cleaning services in Cleveland, OH is ready and waiting to lend a hand.


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