12 Places You Forget to Clean in Your Living Room

Beneath the cozy charm of your living room lie secret dust havens, patiently waiting for their turn in the cleaning limelight. As we routinely sweep, dust, and tidy, we often overlook these silent gatherers, also known as those places you forget to clean in your living room, and they revel in our neglect. So it’s time to revolutionize our living room cleaning routine.

Forget the superficial sprucing up – we’re about to embark on a cleaning quest that leaves no cushion unturned and no corner untouched. From the far reaches of the room to the places right under your nose, your living room’s most forgotten spaces are about to meet their match.

So put on your cleaning gloves and rally your trusted cleaning supplies, because it’s time to conquer the clandestine culprits of dust and grime in your living room. Ready to tackle them and then truly relax in the cleanest and comfiest room of your home? Let’s dive in.

1. Artwork and Decor

As much as we love to adorn our houses with artwork and decor pieces, when it comes to cleaning, these items become completely invisible. Living rooms are often filled with various decorative pieces, such as paintings, picture frames, sculptures, and ornaments.

With so many items vying for our attention, it’s easy for some of them to fade into the background. The more visually cluttered your space is, the higher the chances of overlooking individual items when it comes to cleaning. Also, when we clean our living rooms, we tend to prioritize the more noticeable and frequently used areas, such as the floor, furniture, and entertainment center.

2. Baseboards

Places You Forget to Clean in Your Living Room - Baseboard

Even the pickiest person forgets to clean baseboards. They’re completely out of sight and cleaning them is not one of the easiest tasks.

Baseboards tend to accumulate dust and grime but often escape our cleaning radar due to their low position and inconspicuous nature. Also, cleaning them isn’t an easy task. What’s worse than getting on your knees to rub the baseboards? No wonder they are one of the places you forget to clean in your living room!

3. Ceiling Fans

Just like things that are below your sight, the ones above are probably among the group of things you may forget to clean; ceiling fans belong to this category.

These items are often the most neglected part of the living room. As they are positioned high above, it’s easy to overlook the layer of dust accumulating on the blades. You shouldn’t! When the fan is turned on, this dust gets distributed throughout the room!

4. Curtains

Curtains are prone to trapping dust and allergens. They aren’t cleaned as often as they should mainly because homeowners have limited interaction compared to frequently touched items. The result? We overlook their cleanliness.

One of the easiest ways to clean your curtains is to wash them (if they’re made of a material that can be washed); otherwise, you might want to just remove them and shake them free of dust outside.

5. Entertainment Centers

Places You Forget to Clean in Your Living Room - Entertainment Center

Entertainment centers do not always provide good entertainment: this piece of furniture is filled with various electronic devices, cables, and shelves, making them hotspots for dust and grime buildup.

The numerous compartments add a touch of complexity and intricacy to these units that can be overwhelming when you have to clean them. So, there’s a high chance you “choose” to forget to clean your entertainment center or postpone its much-needed cleaning session. 

6. Indoor Plants

Indoor plants should be number one on a list of the places you forget to clean in your living room. While most of us remember to water them, we rarely clean their leaves. Plants’ leaves can accumulate dust and attract pests.

Also, precisely because they require minimal maintenance compared to outdoor plants, we may overlook their need for cleaning.

7. Light Fixtures

Places You Forget to Clean in Your Living Room - Chandelier

Ceiling lights, chandeliers, and lamps are magnets for dust over time. Due to their height and infrequent use, cleaning them might slip our minds. Also, light fixtures generate heat when they are turned on, and this warmth can create static electricity on the fixture’s surfaces. Static electricity can attract dust particles from the surrounding air, causing them to stick to the fixture.

Luckily, they’re pretty easy to clean once you remember them – just grab a microfiber cloth (one of our cleaning essentials) and give them a wipe, which will pick up all the dust.

8. Pillows & Throw Blankets

Pillows and throw blankets are one of the best companions when you want to decompress after a long day of work. However, these items absorb body oils, sweat, and dust mites, making regular washing essential for maintaining a fresh and hygienic living space.

But the opposite happens. We rarely throw them into the washing machine. Try to not succumb to the comfort they provide for a day, wash and dry them, and then enjoy your clean blankets and pillows again. 

9. Remote Controls

Living room remote controls are among the most frequently used items in our homes, yet they rarely get the cleaning attention they deserve. It’s one of the items that many people don’t think about cleaning regularly as they might with other household items.

Also, people tend to use remote controls when they are eating or drinking. This can lead to the transfer of food residues, oils, and bacteria onto the remote’s surface.  Needless to say, this lack of attention allows dirt and germs to build up over time.

10. Upholstered Furniture

Places You Forget to Clean in Your Living Room - Upholstered Furniture

Couches, armchairs, and ottomans are great additions to a living room, but their upholstery can become a breeding ground for dirt, spills, and allergens. As we sit on them regularly, we may subconsciously forget the need for frequent cleaning.

It’s worth mentioning that some people may not be aware of the importance of regular upholstery cleaning or how to properly clean different types of fabrics; be sure to give it a Google before you get started to ensure you don’t damage your furniture surfaces – or just hire a professional.

11. Carpets

Carpets offer a cozy and comfortable ambiance to the living room. No one denies it. But they are magnets for dirt, pet hair, and allergens.

There are many reasons why carpets are places you forget to clean in the living room. First, they come in various colors and patterns that can hide dirt, dust, and stains. Second, dirt and debris blend in with the carpet’s fibers, so it becomes less noticeable.

Luckily, you probably know what to do to manage your living room carpet; it’s just a matter of prioritizing it the next time you clean your living room.

12. Underneath the Furniture

When furniture is placed in a way that the space underneath is not easily visible, it becomes easier to forget about cleaning it. People tend to focus on cleaning the visible surfaces they see daily, and the areas hidden from view are often overlooked. Also, cleaning underneath furniture requires more time and can be physically demanding, especially if the furniture is heavy and requires moving to access the area underneath.

Depending on the floor surface under your furniture, you can either sweep, Swiffer, or vacuum to tackle this cleaning task in your living room.

Hopefully, with this list of places you forget to clean in your living room, you’ll never have your relaxation ruined by a greasy remote or a cloud of dust floating down from the fan. But just in case you do, Summit Maids is here to help. Our team of cleaning services in Cleveland, OH is ready and waiting to lend a hand.


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