Post-Construction Cleaning Case Study

In addition to private residences, Summit Maids often works with contractors to clean up homes and residences post-construction so that they are looking their best for the new homeowners to take possession of their new homes.

One such case was Cherokee Construction and the Reserve Overlook project.

The project was a massive new build project of three buildings combined with a gut renovation of the historic manor house and two carriage houses for a total of 68 bedrooms and their associated common areas on one large lot near the Case Western University campus.

Cherokee had been hired by a large regional property developer and management company to deliver the project ahead of the summer college leasing season and they were on track to do so, but needed help to get the units in delivery-ready condition while they focused on completing their punch list.

When Summit Maids was brought in, the construction had been substantially completed and all appliances had been installed. All that remained was the coating of construction dust and associated dirt and debris that comes along with a construction project of this scale.

In many cases, there was drywall mud and window stickers/film that needed to be removed from fixtures and windows before the initial cleaning could even start. The Summit Maids cleaning teams were ready for the job, though!

We visited the site to understand the scope of the project and meet the Cherokee team. Once we had done a thorough walkthrough we were able to provide an estimate and work with Cherokee on a timeline on which we believed that we could complete the project that would match with their delivery timeline for the developer.

We formed multiple teams of two to three cleaners and tackled each unit in turn, with a Lead Cleaner overseeing the job each day to ensure quality cleans in every single unit. In most cases, one house cleaner would run through the bathrooms to remove all film from fixtures and clean up any drywall mud left behind in the shower enclosures; while the other cleaner would focus on cleaning the kitchens and common areas. This allowed the teams to move through each unit quickly without missing anything.

a dirty bathtub after a new construction project that summit maids was hired to clean
Before and After of a Bathtub Clean
a clean bathtub after a new construction project that summit maids was hired to clean

Once each new-construction unit was cleaned up, our Lead House Cleaner would inspect each unit and determine if it was ready to be checked off, or if it needed a touch up clean to take care of anything that was missed on the first pass.

In fact, the very first unit that we completed was inspected by the developer right after we completed it and they had no idea that we had only just completed it that morning! They had assumed it was a huge team working on it all week!

a dirty shower pan after a new construction project that summit maids was hired to clean
Before and After of a Shower Pan Cleaning
a clean shower pan after a new construction project that summit maids was hired to clean

In the end, the project was divided up into a five phase delivery plan that would allow our client to do their construction punch-outs and hand over the buildings to the developer for leasing as soon as each building was ready to go.

We are happy to say that Summit Maids was able to meet the timeline and budget estimates for all five phases of this project.

Summit Maids’ post-construction cleaning teams are one of our shining jewels. Post-construction cleaning jobs are some of the most difficult to do well due to the attention to detail required by the cleaning teams. But while many house cleaning companies fall short on these types of jobs, Summit Maids loves the challenge.

If you are a property developer, contractor, or even a homeowner working on a renovation, reach out to our team to get a quote on your post-construction cleaning jobs.

Summit Maids is not your ordinary cleaning company and everything we do is designed to put the client first – from our unique 200% Guarantee to complimentary touch-up appointments after the initial clean to ensure our client’s satisfaction.


  • Jacob W. Bailey

    Jacob is the Cleveland-based founder and CEO of Summit Maids, a local cleaning company with a mission to make a mark on its community by providing good jobs to more than 1,000 people. Bailey Jacob W.