Need a Reliable Short-Term Rental Cleaning Company?

When it comes to the short-term rental game, you can’t afford a cleaner that is unreliable or sub-standard quality. A single bad review could tank your business. Learn why we’re the top-rated short-term rental cleaning business in Cleveland and sleep easier knowing we’ve got your back.

NO MORE low reviews.

we work hard for your perfect 5-stars.


The 200% Guarantee

When we designed Summit, we wanted to make sure that our clients never experienced the kind of let-downs that happen with the big corporate cleaning companies.

So we implemented our 200% Guarantee – a promise that no matter what you will be satisfied. If you aren’t happy – for any reason – we will come back immediately and give you a full re-clean. If you still aren’t happy, we’ll throw a refund on top of it for good measure.

That’s our level of commitment to your success as a short-term rental operator.

Why Choose Us?

We know what it takes to build a successful hospitality business.

When anything less than a 4.8 rating puts you in the bottom 50% of Airbnb hosts, a single missed dust bunny or forgotten item of trash under the bed could put your entire business at risk.

There are many cleaning companies that offer short-term rental cleaning services, but not all of them are created equal.

To ensure that you receive the best service and get the most value for your money, it’s important to choose a company that is experienced in short-term rental cleanings and goes above and beyond in their communication with hosts.

What to Look For in a Short-Term Rental Cleaning Company


When it comes to short-term rental cleaning, you can’t pick just any cleaning company. While many companies may be good at residential cleaning, short-term rental cleaning is another matter. From an extremely high-bar for detail, to restocking amenities and monitoring for issues, STRs aren’t just any ordinary cleaning job.


When a cleaner calls out sick you can’t just ask your guests to come back another day. You need a cleaning company that understands that short term rental game and knows that you can’t reschedule. Hiring a company like Summit Maids ensures that the job will get done on time and to your specifications – every time. Just check our reviews to see our track record.


Many companies will be happy to provide the extra services required for cleaning a short term rental – at an extra cost. We don’t charge anything extra for our STR clients. We know that you have a limited cleaning budget to work with and we are happy to help without sacrificing quality.


A company’s reputation will tell you more about a company than just about anything else. Summit Maids is proud to have a perfect 5-star rating on Google and was voted one of’s Top Cleaning Companies in Cleveland for 2022. We also were selected as one of Newsweek’s Most Loved Companies by our team. Suffice it to say, we work hard on our reputation and we would love to show you why it matters.


“We switched our regular cleaning service to Summit Maids recently and I could not be happier so far.

Their attention to detail is above and beyond what we were receiving with our prior service! I only wish right now we had made the change sooner.” – Jeff H.

“I cannot say enough about the level of service we received today. Our cleaner was on time and super polite; since I was home she took the time to walk through everything with me beforehand.

I told her I was mostly concerned about surface dust and grime I haven’t been able to get to despite giving the place a weekly light clean myself, and she took those concerns absolutely to heart.

There wasn’t a light fixture or picture frame that hadn’t been dusted by the time she was through. She also did an amazing job on the fridge and oven–including getting our “broken” oven light working??? 😮

She even brought in packages that came while she was cleaning. She really went above and beyond (as do the owner and the operations manager in communicating if you have questions).” – Brittney S.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is short-term rental cleaning?

Short-term rental cleaning refers specifically to cleaning services provided for properties rented out on a short-term basis, such as vacation homes or apartments. These properties need to be cleaned and maintained between each guest stay to ensure a high level of cleanliness and comfort for the next guests. Not all cleaning companies are set up to be able to provide expert service to these types of properties, so finding a reliable short-term rental cleaning service can be the difference between success and failure as an STR operator.

How often should short-term rental properties be cleaned?

According to cleaning policies on all the major platforms, short-term rental properties are required to be cleaned after each guest stay, and it is recommended at least once every 2 to 3 days if the property is rented continuously or on longer term reservations. This frequency may vary depending on the number of guests, the length of their stay, and the size of the property.

What services are typically included in short-term rental cleaning?

Short-term rental cleaning typically includes general cleaning tasks such as dusting, vacuuming, mopping, cleaning bathrooms and kitchens, making beds, and doing laundry. Some cleaning companies may also offer additional services such as deep cleaning, linen and towel washing, and stocking supplies.

What should I look for in a short-term rental cleaning company?

When choosing a short-term rental cleaning company, it is important to look for a company that is professional, reliable, and experienced in cleaning short-term rental properties. You should also look for a company that uses high-quality cleaning products and has a thorough cleaning checklist to ensure that every detail is taken care of. Finally, look for a company that has good customer reviews and is willing to work with your schedule and budget. Not all cleaning companies are set up to be able to accommodate the fast-changing schedules or high volume of STR properties.

How much does short-term rental cleaning cost?

The cost of short-term rental cleaning can vary depending on the size of the property, the frequency of cleaning, and the services included. In general, short-term rental cleaning services can cost anywhere from $60 to several hundred dollars per cleaning, but it is best to get a quote from a cleaning company to get an accurate estimate for your specific needs.

How fast can you schedule an appointment?

It all depends on our current volume of business as to how fast Summit Maids is able to schedule an appointment. From time to time, we may be able to accommodate a last minute appointment, but it is best to schedule a few days in advance to ensure that we can get you in the schedule.

Can Summit Maids change linens, restock amenities, and inspect the property for me?

Yes! Summit Maids is an experienced short-term rental cleaning company in the greater Cleveland area and we are happy to work with hosts to set up a service according to their specific needs.