Our vision is to be the most customer-centric house cleaning company in Cleveland. Some times that means doing what’s right by the client, even if it’s not what is right for the business. To provide peace of mind to our clients, provide living-wage jobs for our team, and raise up our community around us.


A lot of companies claim to have values, some even go so far as to put them on their website and occasionally point at them as a rationale for why they made some decision or another.

Summit Maids is different.

This company has been built from the ground up to live and breathe its values. To take actions that inspire our team to be the best they can be. And to always, ALWAYS, be a code that we live up to.

To us, our company values aren’t just some lofty ideas or words on a webpage. They are a promise.

A promise to our team, a promise to our customers, and a promise to our community.

Are you ready to support a company that actually gives a darn? Then read on.

Take Care of the Team

Life happens. Things break. Plans fall through. Understanding that things aren’t always going to be perfect is part of who Summit Maids are – after all, our existence is based upon life being messy!

So why would we hold that against our team when things happen? Sometimes that means we need to be a little flexible on scheduling, sometimes it means lending a kind ear to someone in need.

But whatever is needed, we’re here to help our team. Summit Maids was founded to give good jobs to great people. So taking care of those people is step number one.

Do Right by the Client

Without our clients we are nothing. And just like us, our clients are only human. Sometimes they forget to include details on their booking, sometimes life happens and they need to cancel an appointment with minimal notice.

And in all of those instances, we’re going to be understanding and do what we can to do right by them.

Sometimes that means staying an extra few minutes at an appointment to get that one last thing done, sometimes it means changing appointments to another day entirely. But whatever happens, we’re here to do right by the people who support us with empathy and understanding.

Give Back to the Community

Without our community we wouldn’t exist. That’s why each and every month we give back to help raise up our community around us. Sometimes this takes the form of financial donations, other times it is a donation of our time or expertise.

But whatever the form may take, this is a non-negotiable for us. We can raise up those around us and build the kind of community that we want to see.

When it comes to choosing who we will support, we want the whole team to be involved. Any time you come across a local charity that you think could use our help, let the Operations Team know and they will add it to a list that we are keeping of suggestions. Each month we will select an organization from that list to be selected as the recipient of our monthly donation.

Be Bold. Be Brave.

The above three values were the core values that Summit Maids was founded on and they have served us well in guiding our growth and developing our culture so far. But as we really sat down and looked at them, we felt that they were still missing something. Something that took those initial three values from being static to something more dynamic – something that translates into action.

When we heard the words “Be Bold. Be Brave.”, we knew that they were the missing piece of the puzzle. They perfectly encapsulated that missing feeling that we knew we needed. It’s great to have guiding company values, but this fourth value takes the first three from being something that looks great on a wall to a real living concept where our team members take those values and put them into action every single day.

To us, “Be Bold. Be Brave.” means standing up for what we believe in and not being afraid to speak out about it. It means that when we see something that can or should be changed, we do something about it. It means that we are not afraid to do what’s right, even if it’s not the popular thing to do.

At Summit Maids, we have never been afraid to stand up for things that we know are right. And now, we are empowering our entire team – and our clients – to stand together in being Bold and Brave, and not being afraid to speak up.

You may have noticed the specific order that these values were laid out in – team, client, community, global. That was not by accident.

Summit Maids is here to build a culture of inclusiveness, understanding, and fun. We are trying to build a company that gives back to its team and create livable wage jobs with a team that we enjoy working with.

We can’t do that without first looking after our people, second looking after the client, and third looking after our community.

If you ever believe that we aren’t living up to these values, or could be doing better. Then I encourage you to reach out to us and let us know how we could improve.

~JWB, Founder